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Biscoff is rated as #1 Free airline snack by The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post Travel section published a list of best free airline snacks titled “A Definitive Ranking of the Best Free Airline Snacks” and they ranked our beloved Biscoff as #1!  Here is how The Huffington Post describes everyone’s favorite airline snack.
1.) Biscoff cookies -- The popularity of this delicious little cookie spread like wildfire in the U.S. after airlines began serving it. Until then, it was a treat reserved for Europeans, best enjoyed dunked in coffee. It's like a gingerbread/shortbread fusion, not too indulgent and just sweet enough. Delta serves a version that has its logo embossed on the cookie, and it should go splendidly with the Starbucks it now serves on all flights. And we can all thank our lucky stars that plenty of retailers in the U.S. now carry Biscoff, so we can get that airplane delight without traveling.

Download: PDF icon www.huffingtonpost.com_-_a-definitive-ranking.pdf

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Biscoff Coffee Corner on Thrillist!

Thrillist published their list of "the best coffee shop in every single SF neighborhood" and we were thrilled to see our very own Biscoff cafe listed as the best coffee shop in Fisherman's Wharf neighborhood.  Here is what Thrillist says about Biscoff Coffee Corner:

"If you’re at Fisherman’s Wharf, you’re probably stuck there doing touristy stuff with family (friends don’t let friends visit Fisherman's Wharf), so inject your faux enthusiasm for seals with Biscoff's European-style coffee. Every cup comes with a free cookie. Who says everything has to be overpriced at the Wharf?"

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Biscoff gets a mention on Miss USA Pageant

Giuliana Rancic, Thomas Roberts and Tiana Griggs (Miss Georgia) mentioned Biscoff Cookies on Miss USA Pageant 2014 that was aired on June 8th live on NBC. We are thrilled to learn that Giuliana Rancic and Thomas Roberts love Biscoff Cookies! A big thanks to Tiana, Giuliana and Thomas for this wonderful mention!

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