Sustainability, The Main Ingredient

At Lotus Bakeries we firmly believe in entrepreneurship that cares for today but also has full respect for tomorrow. This has been the case since 1932, which is the year in which our flourishing family business first came into being.

Our constant aim is to produce all Lotus Bakeries products in a more sustainable way. What’s more, this sustainable approach extends far beyond our production process. We treat people, the environment, society and every member of our workforce with care and respect.


We comply with the most stringent nutrition and health guidelines. We keep the salt content of our products to a minimum, and our fats are completely free from trans fats. The large majority of our raw materials are of natural origin.  We do not use any genetically modified ingredients in our products.

In order to ensure that our products are of the highest quality:

  • We invest on average twice as much in R&D compared to other European food manufacturers.
  • We implement extremely stringent procedures in the field of food safety, traceability, quality control, hygiene, transport, etc.
  • We constantly carry out internal audits.


The electricity used in all of our factories is CO2 neutral.

Every year, we also reduce this energy usage by 2% per kg produced.
We also apply this sustainable approach to our entire production process. We only use non-genetically modified raw materials which have been grown and produced in a sustainably way, such as palm oil, free range eggs and chocolate.  As of May 1st, 2014, all palm oil purchased directly by Lotus Bakeries for its own margarine factory is 100% RSPO certified; the highest sustainability level of the RSPO certificates.

Another way in which we care for the environment is by limiting our water consumption. For our production process we use as much rain and well water as possible. All our waste water also goes through a high performance water treatment plant.

As far as waste is concerned, we only effectively end up with less than 1%.
This is then sorted and recycled as much as possible.

Did you know?

Lotus Bakeries signs a ‘sustainability agreement’ with its suppliers in order to encourage them to take environmental protection measures and to commit to fair and ethical trading.


For many years now, we have been supporting wide-ranging social and cultural (development) projects, activities and organisations. And this both locally and internationally. Through ‘ondernemers voor ondernemers / entrepeneurs pour entrepeneurs’ we are providing support to, for example, ‘The Boat to Kinshasa’ project. The aim of this is to develop a central organisation for transporting and marketing the agricultural products from along Lake Mai-Ndombe and the Congo River to Kinshasa.


Our Culture

We set high store by Team Spirit, Open Dialogue and Passion and we also constantly invest in self-development and the wellbeing of our people.


Working safely means working well. ‘Safety First’ is our top priority.


Involving our people as much as possible in our activities requires clear communication.
Information quickly reaches our people through the managers, different meetings and internal communication platforms.


Investing in every employee benefits the whole company. This is something we experience every day, because our people work with passion and commitment. We want to keep it that way in the future, by continuing to offer courses, coaching and “on the job” training.