Packaging Line Coordinator

Lotus Biscoff Bakeries is hiring! The cookie you know, and love is opening our first US production facility in Mebane, NC and we are searching for an enthusiastic team to help us grow.  We are currently hiring Packaging Line Coordinators to operate one to two packaging lines in our 150,000+ square foot bakery and production facility. 

Successful candidates will possess a strong team mentality and proven ability to execute in a start-up environment.  We are currently hiring across 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts and salary range is based on experience and education. 


  • Assist with the start-up of the packaging machines and the changeover to a new format
  • Mount and change the foil rolls, sticker rolls etc
  • Supply the case packing machine
  • Monitor the proper operation of the machines and make adjustments where necessary
  • Coordinate rotation of team members during the shift
  • Communication with baker and technician about potential
  • Decide on necessity to escalate in case of technical issues or quality non-conformities
  • Adjust schedule at start of shift in case of unforeseen no shows
  • Inspection tasks & registration:
  • Check for possible glue residue on carton
  • Check for the availability of proper labels
  • Inspect the proper inkjet settings (stamp check)
  • Check the metal detector
  • Check availability for the correct type of stickers
  • Check seal integrity
  • Assist with the stopping the machines at the end of production (emptying the conveyor etc.)
  • Signal and register technical malfunctions and abnormalities of the packing material
  • Perform small technical interventions upon malfunction
  • Clean the packaging machines
  • Change and identify the containers for products intended for rework or feed
  • Supervision of the overall tidiness and cleanliness of the packaging area
  • Knowledge and application of necessary GMP & safety rules and standards


  • Insight in equipment operation and mechanical components
  • Basic computer and math skills
  • Operation of packaging machines
  • Prior Experience in a production setting , ideally in an FDA regulated environment
  • Experience operating packaging equipment is preferred
  • Experience with inspections and/or quality control
  • Good communication skills, both written and oral; ability to read and write effectively